1. Kelvin8120's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I'm back, not been on here for a while, I have a few questions.

    I have a Blackberry Pearl 8120 on Orange, I am going to register onto the internet service for the second time..I was just curious, because I'm on the Dolphin package, will I be able to have both the Internet service, and Dolphin? so I have free 300 texts, and free internet with MSN.

    Also, is the 8120 compatible with Amazegps and Nav4all? because it doesn't have gps...if so, which one would be best to use.

    Thanks guys.

    Regards, Kelvin.
    11-29-09 04:08 PM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Nicely detailed questions, but something that carrier specific would probably best be asked directly to Orange, though you can search and post here:

    WAPers do it With A Passion

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    11-29-09 05:52 PM
  3. Kelvin8120's Avatar
    Ah, ok, I thought I'd have to do that, because it says in the instructions when you cancel the service you can still get facebook etc if your on Dolphin, thanks anyway!

    Also, do I have to change my PIN ans IMEI number if I register for the service again?

    regards, Kelvin.
    11-30-09 04:08 AM
  4. Kelvin8120's Avatar
    Ok, just to let you, and others know, you can be on the data plan and Dolphin at the same time.

    regards, Kelvin
    11-30-09 11:45 AM