1. ladysaat's Avatar
    My friend called me extremely excited, from her very first Blackberry. She got the Verizon Pearl 8130. She is brand new to smartphones, actually to all of this. I however use a totally modded hacked 6700 running a custom OS. So she was asking me quite simply.. How does she change her ringtone? and how does she assign a tone to her incoming text messages and voicemails?

    Right now text and voice make no sound.

    I am utterly embarrassed to say we just spent 45 min searching google and multiple forums for simple instructions on just changing the ringtone. We found thousands of posts concerning uploading, finding, downloading, making and selling ringtones. But for the love of pete.. nothing specifically addressing how a total newbie to BB would get the phone out of the box and pick a ringtone and use it.

    So can one of you guys help us out? She went into Profiles, Advanced Options. I told her to click on "phone" in there, but she says there is no option that says "phone" to click on. I'm at a loss and no one I know has a BB or a BB Pearl I can physically look at.

    Thank you in advance!!!
    12-13-07 12:29 AM
  2. kidqwik's Avatar
    Go into Profiles, Advanced Options, then click on Normal, then Phone, and then have her click on Ring Tone to choose what she wants and then there she goes. Oh and hit Menu(the button with all the dots on it), Save.
    12-13-07 01:01 AM
  3. archer823's Avatar
    Almost. Go to Profiles - Advanced, select the proflie you want to edit, and from there you can click on the menu button and go to Edit, from there you'll get Phone.

    Or even easier, go from the home screen to Media. Go to Ringtones. Pick a ringtown, hit the menu button and select set as phone tone.
    12-13-07 07:14 AM