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    I have managed to nuke my curve 3g three times now. The first was within the 14 days so verizon replaced it for free. The second two were after the 14 days so I had to use the tutorial found on this site and youtube. What I have found was that whenever I get under 200mb available ram the phone acts funny. Then, in the middle of updating or removing an app, bam, nuked. I was wondering, is there anyone who has this issue with their phone, under 200mb's and a strange acting phone? Has anyone else gone nuclear? Should I care? The thread for the reinstall has posts with people who have done this 5, 6, 7 times? I didn't have this problem with my storm 9550.

    P.S. I feel powerful after the reinstall, like Dr. Frankenstein reanimating the dead. FYI
    05-30-11 07:47 PM