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    I loaded the Yahoo Go app on my BB and now would like to remove it. I go to Options>Advanced Options>Applications>Yahoo Go but it doesn't give me the option to delete it, only edit permissions. I have the 8130 from Verizon... Help!

    Edit: Never mind, I figured it out.

    Now another question. How do I remove the Trooper Typing app? It isn't listed in my applications. Thx
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    08-06-08 06:52 AM
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    It's listed in your service books, you can delete it from there, I called vzw and had it provisioned out, but when I upgraded to 4.5 it came back. If you delete it from your books, it will return occassionally after a reset. Or you could leave it alone and hide the icon, fwiw...

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    08-06-08 08:19 AM
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    To remove any app :

    First go to Options > Advance Options > Applications > Highlight App > Menu > Delete... blah blah

    If that does not work, use AppLoader on your PC!!
    08-06-08 08:23 AM