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    Today, I discovered that I couldn't receive or send MMS texts --more specifically, picture texts-- on my Blackberry using the TMobile service.

    After speaking to a TMobile customer representative for about 30 minutes, in order to remedy the issue, it was brought to the rep's attention that it seems a similar complaint was reported to TMobile for the first time November 10th, 2011; and many more, since then. The rep also informed me that it seems to be happening with older versions of Blackberry phones. I have a Blackberry Pearl 8100. Unfortunately, the rep could not give me any specifics on when, or if, the problem would be resolved. All she, the rep, could do was advice me to call back TMobile if my phone was once again able to receive and send MMS texts, and I will be credited for my downtime. That was not at all a comforting conversation; at least the rep was nice.

    But I wanted to know if anyone else, with a TMobile account AND a Blackberry phone (preferably older versions of the phone...but you never know), is having an issue sending and receiving MMS text as well?

    Try sending a MMS text (a picture) to someone in order to verify if it still works; and then have them send it back to you. If it doesn't work, contact your TMobile representative right away.
    11-13-11 05:23 PM
  2. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Do you have an active BlackBerry Data Plan?

    MMS requires data on BlackBerry devices.
    11-13-11 06:58 PM
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    Contact T-Mobile and get a Blackberry Data plan if you don't have it yet...
    Then re-install the service books on your (get them from t-mobile).
    12-08-11 06:47 AM
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    It's happening to me to, I called tmobile and they restarted my network and it worked, but like a day later it stopped working again. I call them up again and it didnt work at all again. Dont know what the problem is.
    12-14-11 10:32 PM
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    I am having same problem I picked up a 8120 for 15 bucks - I have just the unlimited texting from tmobile it works on a nokia e73 change the sim to the 8120 and it no longer works. Tech support doesn't know how to fix it tried to talk me into paying more money on my account to cover the mms I said no. Tried to get me to sign up for data plus bis didn't want to wifi and text is all I need. She said shed send it up to another department then mumbled something I think to c.y.o.a. Then good bye. I just tweeted bb @blackberry and @blackberryhelp asked them what's up nothing back yet if ever. I donno she too said to give it 72 hrs ect. will it get fixed? Doubt it too said couldn't resend service books as I didn't have bis. I had a 8520 a few months back same plan unlimited texting olny everything worked fine. I was going to use these servicesd books for my unlocked 9650. Os6 prob still will and hope it works.
    03-01-12 05:29 PM
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    You need a BlackBerry Data Plan if you want MMS.

    "Unlimited texting" and whatever "works on a nokia e73" is not good enough.
    03-01-12 06:41 PM
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    You need a BlackBerry Data Plan if you want MMS.

    "Unlimited texting" and whatever "works on a nokia e73" is not good enough.
    This TMO support document says nothing about a data plan being required for MMS.

    Edit: OK...this little research shows TMO may require data for MMS on certain devices. That is disappointing, because it CAN be and is done without data. If they're not upfront about this, they're setting themselves up for a potential lawsuit.
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    03-03-12 12:44 AM
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    Good luck with that lawsuit.

    BlackBerry devices have always worked this way.
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    03-03-12 06:22 AM
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    A little more. the way they got my mms to work on my 8120 was to add money to my account then I was able to sent mms until that dollar they put on it ran out, which defeats the unlimited part of unlimited lol. They tried talking me into just adding more money to my account to cover sending mms.

    And it is not just a data plan but a data plan plus bis added to it so that mms works as it has to still go through blackberry servers to work. From what I've read they use to have an open port for mms to pass through unlike AT&T, but att data plans suck they cost way too much for what little data they apply to the plan.

    This is a blackberry thing they are no longer allowing tmobile to pass through there servers for mms with out a bis plan or pay extra to have it work, voiding there end of the agreement of paying for unlimited texting even when using a BB as it works on my nokia e73 no problems.

    But I do not like the way my pictures are set up in that operating system. I like BB over nokia even with bb shot commings in the little things they do not add to the OS woth just a little bit more code, I.e. Blue thooth contacts to another phone, and select more then one file at a time to move it or delete it nokia can do that.

    T-Mobile had the sweetest deal on unlimited texting and I like bb's but it seems with BB going from a 40% market share to a 10% market share in the cell phone aera thanks to touch phones they are feeling it in there big fat wallets. Like the reason the instance messengers are tided into there bis so that one cannot use them instead of bbm. Too bad bbm is not programed to work over the free internet (wifi) as all it is is an address to another phone. I believe it can be done but gready people keep there toys to themselves and make people pay big money to play with them steve jobs of apple fame was another one it all has to be on his stuff, what a selfish person he was.
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    03-03-12 10:01 AM
  10. raino's Avatar
    Good luck with that lawsuit.

    BlackBerry devices have always worked this way.
    For five years I sent MMSes from a Bold 9000 without a data plan on the AT&T (2G) network, so I don't agree with you there.
    03-03-12 01:22 PM
  11. crackedberry3338's Avatar
    That's the thing of it. I've had 2 BB curves with t mobile unlimited texting only always could I send mms without a problem now its a problem the tmo rep told me it is on blackberry end of it not there's.
    03-04-12 03:56 PM
  12. Pearl9100's Avatar
    I just couldn't open up videos with my 8100. I love this device so much.
    05-19-12 02:45 AM