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    I installed the desktop software this morning but have no instructions on how to synch the Outlook (NOT express) Calendar and Address Book to my Pearl 8130. And the "help" section of the desktop manager is no help at all.

    Does anyone know if step by step instructions are posted somewhere on this forum? I searched but came up empty.

    Thank you.
    03-23-08 11:13 AM
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    Takers - Open your Desktop manager and click on the Options menu to set your connection settings to USB.

    Then click on the Synchronize icon and set up your options as to what you want to sync and which programs you want to sync with.

    Then connect your BB to your PC with the USB cord and it should sync. If it doesn't start automatically click the synchronize icon and it should start.

    Have fun with the BB!
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    03-23-08 11:30 AM
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    This is not working though as "synch now" and "configure synch" are ghosted and I cannot click on them.

    Earlier they were not ghosted (BB was connected) and it was not recognizing Outlook only Outlook Express - which I do not use.


    ETA - I connected the BB and they are not ghosted now so that is okay. But I still have the problem of it not recogonizing Outlook. It asks if I want ASCII Importer/Exporter or Outlook Express and I don't want Express I want full Outlook and that is not an option. If I select ASCII then it wants to know the database and I have no idea what it is asking for.
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    03-23-08 11:50 AM
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    I found this by googling:

    Could this be the issue as I am using Outlook 2000? If this is the problem, can anyone tell me more about what I need to do to fix it? Thanks.

    ETA - it will not let me post urls since I don't have 10 posts. Great.

    Basically I found a forum that said:

    Originally Posted by Phranc
    DM 4.3 won't recognize Outlook 2000. Outlook for XP or 2003 and higher are required.

    Download the DM 4.2 software from RIM which does support Outlook 2000.

    So do you think downloading this DM4.2 software will work with my Pearl? If so, where do I download it from?
    03-23-08 12:09 PM
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    You can DL the Desktop manager software from here
    BlackBerry - PDA Software Downloads - Support & Services at BlackBerry.com
    Thabt should help.
    03-23-08 12:35 PM
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    Thanks. I found that site a couple hours ago and do not see the desktop manager 4.2 on there, only device manager 4.2 and then the service packs for desktop manager. Any idea on where I can get the actual desktop manager software for the previous version? Or, will only installing the service pack work?
    03-23-08 01:29 PM