1. rane4life's Avatar
    HEY CRACKBERRY WIZARDS wats up!! Ok well on my girlfriends 8100 pearl i tried syncing her email to the phone but when i go into setup wizard there is no option sayin "email setup" im not sure if when i upgraded the software i maybe did it wrong, so maybe 1 of u BB addicts can help me with resolving this issue, also if its not too much to ask, when i get her pin and try to BB im her, she never recieves my request to add her i also tried adding me from her phone but i also never recieve her request to im so maybe i did do something wrong when i upgraded her software. Im sure its her phone because on mine i im my friends. I really would appreciate all the help i could get from all of you. Thank U in advance!!!!
    05-27-09 09:42 AM
  2. Hazysky's Avatar
    Go to options > advanced options > host routing table > menu > register now. This will reconnct the device to the network.

    However if this is a new Blackberry you may need to wait until her data plan has been activated.

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    05-27-09 10:00 AM
  3. rane4life's Avatar
    Allright i did that and "email setup" appeared but when i click on it it only says 2 options, "i want to use a work email account with a blackberry enterprise server" and the other option says "i want to skip email setup" there isnt a option saying if i want to add or create a email address
    05-27-09 01:28 PM
  4. jackie treehorn's Avatar
    your data plan has not been activated. try pulling the battery with the device ON and leave it out for 30 seconds then put it in and see if anything changes. If not call your carrier
    05-27-09 01:29 PM