1. jessika.leigh's Avatar
    I just purchased a BB Pearl 8130 today, and there is no Browser icon (that I can find) in the applications menu. There is also no TeleNav icon, as well. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this and/or knows what I might be able to do to fix it.

    I'm going to the store Monday to see if they can do anything about it, but if there's anything I can do myself, that would be easier than having to go back to the store.

    Help is appreciated! Thanks in advance. :]
    06-28-08 02:41 AM
  2. Taegus's Avatar
    Did you try logging on at BlackBerry Internet Service on a computer to send the service books? You will need your user name and password...you can always call alltel and ask for them if you do not have them, or possibly ask them to send the service books. If you didn't get a DATA plan, they may not have enabled that?? I have sprint, so not really sure.
    06-28-08 04:14 AM
  3. jessika.leigh's Avatar
    Okay, I called the store today and got things figured out. Thanks for trying, though! The company was having technical difficulties yesterday, and that's why I didn't get the Internet service activated on my phone yesterday.
    06-28-08 01:51 PM