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    so i just recently got a bb pearl, first one for me, and at first i loved it, but now idk if i can handle it. the battery doesnt stay charged i gave it a full charge last nite woke up this morning and my phone was dead i always see the arrows going like if im connected to the browser when i am not even on it, the little clock thing always comes on when i try to go to applications and i am getting so frustrated with this already. Can anyone please give me any tips or tricks to help my bb out? oh ya i did one thing a friend of mine gave me advice with and that was to erase the cookies and i did but same stuff is happening. Thanx!!!!
    03-10-09 11:06 AM
  2. skullgame45's Avatar
    Make sure you're closing your apps correctly! To close them properly, just press Menu and select Close.

    You could have apps running in your background that you don't know about. On your homescreen, press and hold Alt (bottom left) key and press the Back key. This will bring up a screen of apps that are running. There are five that can't be completely closed, these would include Home, Phone, Browser, BBM and Messages. You can close them but they'll remain on the screen. Just close those and any other that are running.

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    03-10-09 11:11 AM
  3. zocster's Avatar
    if it's new it may be a faulty battery get it replaced from where you got it from.
    03-11-09 01:08 AM
  4. BergerKing's Avatar
    No, she gave a specific clue as to what her problem is, the constant arrows. Leaving apps running in the background will kill battery life in relatively short order. Leaving one of the social apps or a GPS running will drain a battery VERY quickly.

    Some cases have mentioned that the draw was enough to make the phone heat up substantially.

    Tabrina, go with what Trem posted, and if you have further problems, please add more or PM one of us if necessary, should be able to get you back in the good here soon!

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    03-11-09 02:19 AM
  5. jordan1405's Avatar
    make sure your doing a regular battery pull as well.
    03-11-09 04:14 AM
  6. kantfunkshin's Avatar
    Newbie here also so how do you perform a battery pull?
    03-11-09 11:49 AM
  7. Goodeye84's Avatar
    I think they mean basically pull out the batter on the pearl.....
    03-11-09 12:01 PM
  8. skullgame45's Avatar
    With the phone on, remove the battery, then replace it and it'll reboot the phone. That's a battery pull.

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    03-11-09 12:04 PM
  9. kantfunkshin's Avatar
    Thanks for the info and tollerating a newb
    03-11-09 12:09 PM
  10. BergerKing's Avatar
    We all began that way, Kant. Everyone has a different learning curve, and we all try to help where we can.

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    03-11-09 12:13 PM
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    Hey BK, thanks for calling me Trem! That's just what I want to be referred as, someone who posts a sh!tload of wallpapers.

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    03-11-09 12:17 PM
  12. tabrinavasquez's Avatar
    Thanx eveyone for the info ill see if any of that works and ill let u know!
    03-13-09 04:08 AM
  13. jordan1405's Avatar
    Download the program Quickpull here on ctackberry. That way you can do a battery pull without actually removing the battery and schedule a battery pull as well.
    03-13-09 04:58 AM
  14. tabrinavasquez's Avatar
    ok jordan will try that next cause even when i closed all my apps my batt still getting drained. also the little time thingy still is popping up so its getting annoying already. any suggestions for that one? everytime that happens i do the battery pull thing and it seems to take away that problem for a bit. any reasons to why thats happening? maybe old software?
    03-15-09 04:14 PM
  15. Nick917's Avatar
    tabrinavasque, do you have Face Book installed?

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    03-15-09 04:56 PM
  16. tabrinavasquez's Avatar
    no i dont have a face book installed....i have a myspace does that make a difference?
    03-16-09 08:39 PM
  17. Nick917's Avatar
    If myspace pushes email notifications to your Blackberry like FaceBook does then that may be the problem. Try uninstalling Myspace then restart your Blackberry and see if that fixes it. I had the non-stop hour glass at one time. Tried several restarts and still happened. I finally unistalled FaceBook then restarted the phone and receieved many FaceBook notifications that were from a few days past and some present. The hour glass went away for good....knock on wood. I guess FaceBook was attempting to push noticications to my Pearl but had trouble doing so. So try unistalling Myspace then restart your phone and let us know what happens. If that fixes it then you can probably install Myspace again.
    03-18-09 12:17 PM
  18. bestdogever's Avatar
    Just got my Pearl and already was having a problem but found the answer here on my first attempt!
    Thanks All!
    03-20-09 10:39 PM
  19. tabrinavasquez's Avatar
    YAY!!!!! i just uninstalled myspace and reinstalled had all my messages forwarded again...(finally) and i havent seen the hour glass on there yet!!! so definitely that worked! Thanx Nick ur the best!!!!
    03-21-09 03:40 PM
  20. micallen's Avatar
    Newbie here. After reading through this thread, I discovered my problem was twofold. I had WAY too many apps running (all of them). Because I didn't know how to CLOSE an app. I thought the END button closed them. I also went ahead and deleted a few that could cause me problems that I didn't use anyway.

    Thanks !!!
    01-06-10 09:04 AM