1. AliBerryShortcake07's Avatar
    Is it possible to have the BB always go back to the home page, rather than stay on the page u were last on??

    Also, is that possible for all applications. Like when you go to Address book and you call Sam...The next day when you go to your address book, it always starts on Sam.

    Is there a way to always have it go back to the start? In some ways its good, but sometimes I get confused.


    Ali :-)
    11-18-07 07:04 PM
  2. chinesecatt's Avatar
    Sorry Ali, but that's how it is. What you can do, instead of scrolling up and down for names, just type in the first letter of their name and it will filter your phonebook. That's how I do it. Works for me.
    11-18-07 07:30 PM