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    So i have a situation, I am a mac user and i love macs so for my next phone i deciding whether i want to stay with my family on the verizon service and get the blackberry pearl 2 or if i want to cancel my line and go to AT&T and get the iphone. I know they are different phones and reasons to go in each direction would be different and thats what im trying to figure out right now.

    Does the blackberry pearl 2 sync with macs? Or would i have to buy the extra program (missing sync)

    The other important aspect of the phone i get is its browser. To my knowledge it isn't as indepth as the iphone full website support. But if someone could describe the browser and the way it functions and works to me i would greatly appreciate it. Does it show pictures or the full website or the mobilized version? If it shows mobilized versions, what if the website doesn't have a mobilized version?

    How is the suretype? How does it work? Is it like t9word but only 2 characters per key?

    Things i like about the iphone is:
    -I believe it has better media options
    -Bigger screen for sure
    -like the conversational style texts
    -when the SDK comes out and lets developers make 3rd party applications it will be great
    -browser detail is awesome
    -syncs with my computer well
    -I trust mac, i have had my g5 for years and have convinced many of my friends to get macs

    Things about the pearl i like:
    -physical keyboard
    -Smaller size
    -better service (verizon)
    -will already have 3rd party applications

    Anything else you might wanna add in to persuade me to get the pearl would be great, perhaps things you love about it? Thanks a lot guys i really appreciate it
    11-19-07 06:26 PM
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    30 views and not one response?
    11-19-07 09:17 PM
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    3G support for the BB is not out yet.

    Keyboard is not quite like T9. It's a standard QWERTY keypad but 2 letters per key. You simply type on it as if it were a standard keyboard and when you're finished with the word it knows what word you wanted. It works very well. The newest version of the software that Verizon has even has "predictive" suretype so it will even predict the word now. Quite nice.

    The browser does a mobilized version of a webpage. However, it's done via RIM's servers. The page is converted by RIM for viewing on the BB Browser. Yes, it's a scaled down version of the page.

    You can sync to Mac with PocketMac (free) or MissingSync (not free) but you can't upgrade the device's software unless you can run Parallels or BootCamp for a windows environment.

    The Pearl does have conversation style texts...I don't sms much but my daughter does and hers are long when I look at them.
    11-19-07 09:52 PM
  4. evan#CB's Avatar
    thanks for the response...i thought i read that the verizon servers were 3G?

    also how would i go about updated my pearl then if i don't have a windows?
    11-19-07 10:44 PM
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    Ah...I missed the Verizon in your first post. I remembered only the AT&T. I think Verizon does support 3g.
    11-19-07 11:16 PM