1. JGo113's Avatar
    thanks guys for all your help, i bought my wife the curve and its great. im a little jealous of it actually, is there any trade in program for my pearl or am i going to have to bite the bullet and pay full retail for it?
    05-12-08 10:10 PM
  2. Garz's Avatar
    No trade in but hopefully your eligible for an upgrade.
    05-12-08 10:15 PM
  3. boss4life#AC's Avatar
    The only option you may have is if you have an old PDA or cell phone lying around the house. If you do check out blackberrytrade-up.com. They will give you a quote on your old phone. You purchase your new BB and they will send you a check for your old phone when you trade it in.

    I have been holding on to an old PDA for the release of the BOLD. That will knock $125.00 dollars off the price. I have been saving my upgrade as well so I should be in good shape when it comes out.
    05-12-08 10:27 PM