1. Pearllover95's Avatar
    Changing the housing on my blackberry 9100 has been so incredibly frustrating. It went into constant reboot because i guess not everything was making contact, I ended up just pounding on the screen lightly, and mashing it around.But anyways. I was 2 screws short, and I can see theyre important, they are the ones that go in on the back, under the battery cover, they screen down and hold down the call and hangup key, they seem to be longer than the other screws though. So can someone post a link to where I can buy screws for all the 9100, I want to make sure they fit. Another thing is the top media button was hard to get in, I finally did but now they constantly light up? Did i do this wrong or is there a setting to turn it off? I dont ever remember them lighting up originally. Thanks though! If anyone else is looking to re-house, look on ebay and I bought a full housing for $15, so cheaper than buying everything separate!
    04-11-12 06:01 PM
  2. WolvieMkM's Avatar
    04-16-12 11:25 AM
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    Thank you very much for replying! I did find that taking the screws from the back side of my pearl 8120 fit perfectly to screw down the keyboard! Thank you!
    04-22-12 09:18 AM