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    I have read the other threads about yahoo calendar issues and have done everything that people suggested - but nothing is working this time...

    Everything has been working fine until recently - now my BlackBerry 8130 calendar will not sync with my Yahoo calendar. I tried reconfiguring everything, but it still won't sync. (I have set up a one-way sync from device to Yahoo). When I hit synchronize on the Desktop Manager, it looks like it's scanning all the records, then it just "dings" like it's done, but nothing has happened.

    I was having issues with the calendar last year - it was giving me multiple entries on my calendar because I had multiple yahoo accounts linked to my phone. The only way I could bypass this issue was to delete the CICAL service books for those yahoo accounts, leaving only one linked to the calendar. (As others have suggested). That solved my problem until recently. I had to reset one of my yahoo account passwords and that seems to have triggered new service books being sent and the calendar problem reoccuring.

    I deleted the books again, but when I went to sync the calendar, it wanted to delete all of my records - I couldn't tell if it was on the BlackBerry or in Yahoo - either way, it made me nervous! So I cancelled the sync. Each time I tried to resync, it was giving me the same option - delete all records. So then I chose "reject" on the sync, and ever since, it will not sync the calendar at all. So I'm not sure what is going on, but it is extremely frustrating. Any help anyone can give me would be most appreciated!!

    Oh, I'm also using an older operating system - version I have been afraid to update anything now in case that will make things worse. But maybe that is the solution??
    06-07-10 06:28 PM