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  1. Luna_tic82's Avatar
    Hi- I was REALLY hoping someone could help me out...
    I am new to blackberry and not sure how to hook it up to my computer..
    The biggest problem is that out of the blue my sms text ap dissappeared! it was there a couple hours before and then *poof* it wasn't there and I can't receive text messages! I am so frustrated. I called Telus (my service provider) and they had me try a bunch of things but nothing worked. I was told to go in to a telus store and plan to as soon as I get a chance (I'm in a wheelchair and in the snow it is very difficult to get out
    Has anyone else had this problem? I've searched through my phone for to see if it has hidden itself in another folder and can't find it.
    I really, really, really could use some help.... I'd also like to know if anyone else has had this happen and how they fixed it...
    I am fed up with blackberries now- I tried to get customer support from them but they wanted around $50 US just to ask for help and then more money on top if it needs to be fixed.................I am on a fixed income AND a student so I don't have the money for it... I get so frustrated about these phones but still have 2 yrs on my contract!

    Can anyone out there help me??
    01-06-11 12:51 AM
  2. grover5's Avatar
    This is most likely not the solution, but, did you hide the icon without realizing it? BB allows you to hide icons you don't use. If you did then by pressing the BB button to the left of the trackball (when the full menu is open), you can select show all to see what icons are hidden. You can also go into your main messages folder and change the settings to integrate text messages into the main folder so you can compose and respond to texts from there.

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    01-06-11 01:01 AM
  3. Tiassa's Avatar
    Can you receive a text message? If so what happens?
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    01-06-11 09:03 AM
  4. hubermania's Avatar
    Did you accidentally combine your SMS Inbox with your E-Mail Inbox? Open your E-Mail app, click the Menu/BlackBerry options key and choose Options. Click General Options, and look to see that the "SMS and Email Inboxes" setting is "Separate" rather than "Combined" or "Theme Controlled".
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    01-06-11 09:32 AM
  5. Luna_tic82's Avatar
    Thank you very much for replying to my message! I appreciate you trying to help!!!

    First off, I should say that I did go through a bunch of things with Telus including
    - looking for the ap in other folders in case I accidentally somehow moved the ap and could not find it anywhere....
    - tried combining and separating mail and texts
    - one problem that popped up was that I can't access the "show all" selection.. it won't show up at all...
    - we also tried playing around with the theme option
    - as well, I tried to send myself a test text message (because I had several friends who have been trying over and over to send me messages but they wouldn't go through and I never got them- I'm missing out on a ton of things from my friends, so many of them keep in touch via txt only now..
    I CAN, however SEND text messages- just can't receive any.......
    I am so fed up with crapberry right now.. I wish I had just bought a cheap phone so I wouldn't be in a position where I am wasting money on a product that's not working and that the company won't help unless I pay them..
    Again, Thank you VERY much for trying to help me!!!

    btw- a friend suggested that I remove the SIM card and put the settings all back to factory set up.... I haven't got a clue what the SIM card is and where I could find it- also do you know if this would work? I

    Also- I finally hooked my bb up to my laptop and I did the backup thing- does this mean that my files and contacts on my phone are all saved so and that if I do have to reset the phone or get a new one or whatever, will I still have that stuff saved and will I be able to access it and put it back on to my phone (if I need to- if I reset it)?
    01-06-11 01:59 PM
  6. charcb's Avatar
    Did you turn on the firewall?
    01-06-11 02:01 PM
  7. Luna_tic82's Avatar
    Did you turn on the firewall?
    yes, the Telus guy walked me through it but it didn't help
    01-07-11 10:33 PM
  8. Tiassa's Avatar
    I'm wondering if your problem isn't with your carrier, some configuration issue with the service books or your account. The text messages your friends send you are going SOMEwhere, just not to your phone.

    PS Your SIM card is the thing that stores the account information putting it in the phone ties the phone hardware to your account/phone number. It is located under the back cover of the phone, just above the battery, although you'll probably have to remove the battery to get to it.
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    01-08-11 12:11 PM
  9. Luna_tic82's Avatar
    Thank you Tiassa
    I was thinking the same thing- my friends have apparently been sending tons of txts... however I don't know how only my phone would get it- the sms's app itself- the picture on the menu- is GONE... It disappeared somehow! One minute it was there, later it wasn't and I hadn't touched it!
    I am SOOOOO frustrated and sad! I spent so much money on this darned phone!!!! I haven't gotten a txt since before Christmas! I NEED txts- it's the only way to communicate while at school, really, and it's the only way most of my friends communicate...........
    01-11-11 09:59 PM
  10. Tiassa's Avatar
    Your carrier should be able to tell if your texts are being delivered somewhere. If you are getting no notification at all on your BB then I'm thinking that the problem is with the way the carrier has your BB configured. Try resending the service books:
    How do I resend my service books? - BlackBerryFAQ
    01-11-11 10:23 PM
  11. Luna_tic82's Avatar
    Thank you. I took my phone in yesterday and they transfered my contacts to another phone then wiped my phone and reloaded the software. So YAY- now my texting IS finally working again!!! BUT- now I no-longer have a bunch of the apps that I used daily- including notepad. Also, autotext was turned on and now it won't shut off!!! It's driving me nutty! I called Telus tech and they walked me through going into the options and turning it off but even after turning it off, it was STILL on. Then after re-booting the phone it was still adding the auto text even though under options it says it's disabled..... I am extremely frustrated with this stupid phone. So many problems and you fix one another pops up. The tech guy says that it sounds like a software problem- it's obviously not something I did. It's the phone itself. I think that blackberry should return it or fix it! Any ideas on how to fix it or get it fixed?

    Telus did offer to "let me" buy out my contract ($10/month left and there are 25 months left= $250) and then I can get the android phone or the new windows phone for $0 in the store or I can buy the iphone (which I was interested in) on "sale" for $200 + the $250 contract thing and I'd have to sign up for another 3 years with them.... I don't know if I want to stay with them

    Any advice is appreciated very much!!!!
    01-14-11 11:50 PM