1. hockeymomto4boys's Avatar
    I'm pretty new to this so I hope someone can help me here lol!! I currently have the 5mb package with sasktel which I was told would be plenty enough since I don't do a whole lot of emailing and stuff!! But I did go over cause I get a high volume of emails sent to my phone mainly cause of facebook..I have changed my facebook settings but for some reason am still getting funwall and superwall notifications that get automatically sent to my phone!! I automatically delete these without opening them but I just found out that that doesn't matter if I delete them, they are going against my 5mb! So my question is how do I not get these emails sent to my phone? Can I pick which emails I want coming in, like from certain contacts? And how do I totally get my yahoo email address/icon off of my phone if I decide to do so??? Thanks in advance!!!
    05-08-08 03:04 PM