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    I need a better media manager-player for my BB Pearl Flip 8230. It would be very nice if it could handle video files too.

    I'm guessing that the OS is The About page lists a lot of numbers, but I think the relevant portion says: "BlackBerry 8230 smartphone (CDMA) v4.6.1.309 (Platform" All other numbers seem too low to be the OS version, but I could be wrong.

    The main problems I have with the included application are these:

    (1) If I want to review a voice note (as an aside this is a non-MP3 file--I think the extenstion is .amr, if I recall), I lose my place in the song, Etc. that I was listening to. Not only do I lose my place in the song, I lose which song it was. This is my major problem.

    (2) The equalizer sucks.

    (3) I want to be able to place a bookmark in an audio file (generally a lecture), to show where I left off. I don't want to be able to do this with just a single file.

    (4) Ideally, (but I can live without this) I'd like to be able to place a (different kind of?) bookmark in audio files, for example, to note where I found a good quote that I'd like to eventually return to. Or, better yet, I'd like to be able to place multiple bookmarks in a single file, for example, to point out quotes I feel are particularly valuable. It would be extremely good if the bookmarks could be kept on the memory card, not in the device's memory, which is where the audio files are. If I can do this with video files, too, so much the better.

    (5) It would be nice, but not a necessity, if I could deal with this problem. I have some (video only? maybe audio too?) files that are recorded at such high resolution (or framerate) that the processor has to slow down playback. It would be nice if it could fix this on the fly, although this seems very unlikely. Almost as good would be if the program could resample the video file, and make it playable without the slowdown, just not on the fly.

    (6) In playing back slideshows, there's no convenient way to start and stop playback (if I recall). Also, I'd like to create slideshows of selected pictures (video, too, but that would be a bonus).

    (7) It would be VERY nice to (preferably automatically) mark (especially audio) files as already listened to.

    (8) My service is going to be cut off soon. So, it is of the utmost importance that, once I've downloaded this software, I won't need a phone-to-internet connection for this program to work. I'm going to turn this phone into a media player and dictation machine, and I'll stop using it as a phone/internet device.

    (9) I'd like to be able to tell the program to rotate or not rotate certain photos when playing them back in a slideshow. It would be good enough to just tell the phone to use the maximum screen space. By that, I mean that, for photos that are wide, they should automatically rotate 90 degrees; for photos that are tall, they should not rotate. Get it?

    (10) A built-in voice recorder would be nice (especially if it records as good quality MP3s, WAVs, or some other standard format). That way, I can uninstall the outdated, unsupported Media Manager software from my PC, which as things stand I currently need to convert from BB's format (.amr, if I recall) to something another program can read.

    (11) A timer program (or series of timer programs) that I can use for meditation would be very nice. An alarm feature, for wake ups would be nice; same basic idea. Even as a stand-alone program, I'd be very interested in this.

    Anyway, I could probably think of a bunch more features that would be nice, but this is probably more than enough to go on. Can anybody suggest some programs that I should look into? I'd prefer, for security reasons, programs I can get through "BlackBerry Apps," but I'm very open to others.

    Cost is a big factor, but not insurmountable.

    Thanks for whatever leads you all can give me. Time is of the essence, but it's possible that I may have another month to deal with this issue. After that, I don't care.

    Thanks much.
    10-16-11 10:06 PM
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    Maybe the dictation file format might be .rar, not .amr.
    10-16-11 10:12 PM
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    Re #5: FormatFactory on your PC will convert videos for playback on the Flip. I use 320x240, 24FPS, with a right-hand rotation so they play fullscreen.

    Re #10: Audacity on your PC will convert voice notes from AMR to other formats like MP3.

    What you're seeking is not specific to the 8230. I'd suggest you peruse the BlackBerry Apps forum here on CrackBerry to find apps that might fit your needs. You don't necessarily need to rush to install apps OTA while you still have a data plan. Apps in the CrackBerry app store can be downloaded to your PC and installed with BB Desktop Manager.
    10-18-11 09:45 AM