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    Just joined as I bought a used 8220 and have questions. I do not use a smartphone in the usual way so there are some things I have no interest in.
    I do not have data on the phone - in fact, I think I deleted the services.
    I bought the phone for it's wifi and PDA capabilities, and I like the way it is set up.
    I will not sign up for Blackberry's services. I have no need as I travel with a laptop. There is no phone going that will handle a full version of Photoshop, and I like to check my stuff on the road. Since I travel with a laptop, I can get email and surt the web free - (no air time). I can also use a Nintendo DSi.
    We do manage to get to where T Mobile might have 1 bar. Most motels have wifi and I'm hoping the phone will connect. It does really well with mine at home.
    I am familiar with PDAs - having had a few Clies.
    I have quite a few questions about apps and whatever. I have looked at other forums, and a lot of questions don't get answered if you don't have the newest phone.
    So if I will be allowed to ask, and get an answer, I'd really appreciate it.
    12-17-09 05:34 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry.com! Although this is a good place to post at first, I am going to move your thread to our Pearl Flip Forum so it can get a little more attention and you can get the answers you seek, from other flip users.

    Additionally we have a Wifi Forum located here.....


    I also edited the title a bit to try to draw out the help you seek.
    12-18-09 07:57 AM
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    Ask away.

    You mention not wanting, needing, or having a data plan on your phone. Are you looking for a list of apps that will work over Wi-Fi without a data plan? That's not unique to the 8220, see the thread below.

    You're golden as long as the apps that require a data plan are among the things you have no interest in. Otherwise you'll have to see if the above thread mentions an equivalent app.

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    12-18-09 05:49 PM
  4. Zuben El Genubi#CB's Avatar
    No, that wasn't my main concern just yet. Although I did see one app that allowed you to block numbers.
    I answered a call yesterday that I would normally ignore. I had forgotten to change the TM jingle, so that's how the phone rang and the phone icon appeared on the front screen. I've noticed that if the number is in the phone book, the caller's name and number appear. What I want is for the phone number of whoever is calling, in my contacts or not, to appear on the screen. A big phone icon doesn't help.
    I've looked thru the manual, and aside from the clock, I can find no info on how to get all calls to display. There's no index in the manual and searches for display or front screen turn up blank. I can't believe that a phone as sophisticated as this one doesn't or can't do something about that front display.
    I changed it to NOT answer on opening, but that isn't the best solution as far as I'm concerned.
    How do you get that front screen to display ALL numbers?
    12-18-09 06:08 PM
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    Ask away.

    You're golden as long as the apps that require a data plan are among the things you have no interest in. Otherwise you'll have to see if the above thread mentions an equivalent app.

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    I don't want to get into a contest with TM about usage. I'd prefer an app that just ran on the phone using NO airtime.
    My ideal phone would run Palm OS. Then I could install all the programs I bought over the years for my Clie.
    I'd like to find an app that would sync everything with WordPerfect. I don't like or use MS programs if I can avoid them.
    I see that the Desktop Manager that came with this 8220 will use ASCII delimited or something of the sort - will also let me use a Palm device.
    Where do you find the tutorials for this?
    12-18-09 07:16 PM
  6. mofoahh's Avatar
    what apps are you looking?? you want to surf the web using without paying for it?? just browse for wifi connection and connect like you normally would do on a laptop. Same concept.
    12-29-09 12:37 PM
  7. mofoahh's Avatar
    no wifi = no free internet plain and simple. there is no app that will give you free internet.
    12-29-09 12:38 PM
  8. Zuben El Genubi#CB's Avatar
    You guys are missing the point! I don't WANT free internet. I'm either at home or I travel with a laptop. NO CELL PHONE CAN DO PHOTOSHOP!!!. I'm interested in the app that will block phone calls. I've got a bunch of solicitors that I've dealt with. Blackberry seems to have one.

    I want to find out if I can have 2 separate contact lists. One for spammers (whose contact names are unprintable) and one for actual people.

    I'd like instructions for syncing from a palm. I have a UX-50. Or the ASCII. I don't use Lookout, and won't put info in Yahoo.

    12-31-09 08:46 AM
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    So from what I understand u just want an app that will either block numbers..or only allow ur phone to notify u if someone u have in ur contacts is calling/msgng/whatever.
    Without an app, u should be able to put everyone u want to speak to ina group..and the rest should be self explanatory. If that doesn't work, sorry. Photoshop aside, I personally have left my laptop as stationary as a pc since I purchased my bb.

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    01-03-10 05:00 PM
  10. hubermania's Avatar
    The outer screen will show the number only if it's an unknown caller. For known contacts, it will show the name and photo from your contact list. If you don't specify a photo for the spammer contact(s), BB shows that "big phone icon".

    What I do for each 1-800-buzzoff who speed dials my cell phone is to set up a contact entry so I know to ignore the call. Set the name to "Do Not Answer" or to their phone number. Click Menu->Add Custom Ring Tone and select "MUTE". Click Menu->Add Picture, and set it to a slash-circle icon or a monkey rump photo or something.

    Creating a contact group just lets you email the group. It doesn't seem to affect phone calls, and there doesn't seem to be a way to set a group-wise ring tone.

    Menu->Options shows a Contact Lists section, but it contains a single Default list with no way to add others. Maybe multiple lists are only available to BES corporate customers.
    01-06-10 11:11 AM
  11. Zuben El Genubi#CB's Avatar
    I managed to get 2 separate lists. One business and one personal. Shoved the spammers under business, and made a silent ring tone. I couldn't figure out how to transfer contacts w/o retyping. Finally got that, and then there were 2 separate save changes. Mine does give the option to start another list.
    The outer screen didn't show the number of an unknown caller - it was only showing the ones in the contact list. I found the answer - I had some preference wrong.

    I really would like to block phone calls and SMS. Messaging is supposed to be blocked by TM, but some are getting through. I think I'm going to make them credit those messages even if it's only .20. I am not giving in to Spam. Especially since spammers sending stuff that causes a charge to you is illegal. Fat chance anyone will do anything, so I'll be a PITA.
    Thanks, anyway
    01-07-10 08:47 AM