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    Ok I have deleted to many unused programs and need help wiping and starting over new, my problem is I have no internet but do have to start-up disk. So how do I strip my phone and reload the firmware without the internet on my desktop? This so frustrating I could smash my phone.
    a link or any input would be great

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    11-04-09 05:52 AM
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    You should be able to go into a store and get it done. Or I would hope so, if not call yoour cell company
    11-04-09 10:16 AM
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    You would think so but that's not the case this is my only phone. And I need to call from a differant phone so they can trouble shoot it. As for going to a kiosk center they just tell me to call c/s. I should be able to do this with the start up dusk I just have no idea how to do it to make sure I strip the flash drive and reinstall the jump start program as if it was a new device.

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    11-04-09 04:51 PM
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    One thing I can suggest is wireless update. On your phone go to Options->Advanced Options->Wireless Update. I've never used it, and it will take an eternity, but it ought to fix your firmware.

    If you're really ambitious...
    The other way to go is to tether your PC so it can use your phone's internet connection to download the firmware. Install Desktop Manager off the BlackBerry CD so that you have the drivers needed for tethering. During the DM installation, find the advanced option regarding automatic checks for updates, and change it to NOT install that feature.

    Then set up the tether connection, which is explained in the thread below:

    Then tether your PC and download the firmware of your choice. I'd suggest following the sticky at the top of the forum because the steps are clearly documented.
    11-08-09 08:50 AM