1. Paullys50's Avatar
    Hey guys, just got the Pearl over the weekend and I'm loving it....BUT I have horrible reception in my apartment, text's don't always get through, data connections drop in and out, phone conversations are crackled. Previous to my Pearl I had an e815, which had the same problems but I programmed NAM2 to a US Cellular tower (US Cellular work phone in my apartment gets full signal), and wha-la my e815 worked great.

    I'd like to do the same with my Pearl, but the network options are a little different then my e815. I can get into the programming menu ala ##000000 send, and I make my changes to NAM2 (basically copy NAM1, but change the SID to a US Cellular SID). BUT,I see a few more options - the Mobile Country Code and the Mobile Network Code, and I'm betting the Mobile Network Code has to be programmed to a US Cellular number as well.

    Can anyone verify this? Has anyone done something similar, and is anyone who is on US Cellular willing to check their Mobile Network Code number and let me know so I could do a test?

    04-23-08 08:01 PM
  2. jryker's Avatar
    Wouldn't it make sense to just buy a U.S. Cellular Pearl instead and know that your device will always work.
    04-24-08 12:40 PM
  3. Paullys50's Avatar
    Considering that:
    1 - Alltel's smart phone plan is Cheaper
    2 - 85% of the people I talk with have Alltel
    3 - My circle takes care of 10% of the people that don't have Alltel
    4 - My 500 minutes/nights & weekends take care of the remaining 5%
    5 - I've had US Cellular in the past, and quite frankly I am much happier with Alltel.
    6 - I KNOW that everywhere else I need to go on a regular basis, I don't have any problems with getting a signal with Alltel. I DO NOT know how US Cellular will treat me anywhere else (work phone goes to work sites only), so you can't tell me that my device will ALWAYS work with USC.

    I neglected to say that I'm still in my 30 day grace period, so it would in fact make more sense to return the Pearl and go back to my e815. It's not worth the extra $$$ if I can't use it in my apartment, and it is by no means worth switching carriers over.

    But, since you mention US Cellular, I think I'll just drop in a store and go into the program menu on their Pearl and glace at the settings.
    04-24-08 01:39 PM