1. primaryteeth's Avatar
    this is what happened:
    i had put a 2 gb micro sd memory card into my pearl, that was previously in my boyfriend's htc dash.

    while i was looking at the music on the phone that was on the memory card, i deleted it by doing "options, delete"

    the title of the songs are still there but if i press play, it won't show up.

    when i go onto my media uploader on the computer, the mp3 files don't show up. and when i transfer my music onto the phone, it won't show up at all.

    is there something special i need to do? i need help i'm frusterated.
    12-12-07 01:55 AM
  2. mattmarenic's Avatar
    Format SD and fo battery pull...
    12-12-07 02:40 AM
  3. primaryteeth's Avatar
    youre going to tell me how to do this because i have no idea what youre talking about ha.
    12-12-07 02:41 AM
  4. mattmarenic's Avatar
    You can format in Win -- My Computer -- SDcard (right click) -- Format -- FAT32...

    Also you can format in your Pearl -- Options -- Media Card -- (Menu button) Format Card...
    12-12-07 03:19 AM