1. real77's Avatar
    i just connected my pearl to my laptop to add some music. when i disconnected, all my music, playlists, videos, etc (everything on the sd card) are missing. when i connect it back to the computer, i see it is all there still. phew. but several attempts at connecting and disconnecting and still can't see anything on my phone. why is that happening?

    i do get a message when i turn on the phone that "media card has been inserted that contains errors" but i always get this message i think. i've gotten used to it and just ignore it, as i've had no troubles until today.
    08-27-09 03:12 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    I wouldn't be ignoring that error, corrupt media usually will freeze your phone. Have you tried looking for your files with the explore function? When you open Media up, press the menu key, and choose Explore. It may also be that you are using a format that is incompatible.

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    08-27-09 04:15 AM
  3. real77's Avatar
    no luck searching through the media menu button either. so "using a format that is incompatible" means what? the sd card is incompatible? and what should i do about the error message then? since i was getting the error message all the time with the sd card, it makes me think the problem was something about when i connected to the computer. but i'm no expert at all.
    08-27-09 04:38 AM
  4. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    The proper formats are listed in the linked document. Connecting to the computer wouldn't cause that message. Disconnecting without using the "Safely Remove Hardware" tool in your taskbar might though.
    08-27-09 04:45 AM
  5. kingakuma's Avatar
    i would run Error Checking on the media card it could correct those issues and might solve your problem without re formatting and having to re transfer all of your data back to your card

    To run Error Checking:
    1, Hook up your BB in Mass Storage Mode
    2, Navigate to My Computer
    3, Locate your Blackberry. example BLACKBERRY (F)
    4, Right Click on "BLACKBERRY (F)"
    5, Click on Properties
    6, Click on the Tools Tab and Select Error Checking
    08-27-09 10:00 AM
  6. KillYouWithMyMind's Avatar
    I had a very similar problem right after I added some music to my card, nothing would show up on the media player under artist/album etc. BUT I could still see the songs if I went to songs and listed all of them

    Battery pull fixed my problem however.
    08-27-09 10:18 AM
  7. real77's Avatar
    not really sure how to use the info in the attached document. just make sure my sd card has one of those labels on it?

    pulling the battery didn't fix it.

    when i first hooked up my bb to another computer with a usb just now, it seemed to think i was trying to charge it, and couldn't open it on the computer either- the message on the bb was "usb charging current is not sufficient. verify that your handheld is connected to a powered usb charging source and that the proper usb driver is installed'. after the battery pull, it showed up on the computer, and i go the message that i should check for file system errors, apparently i had disconnected while copying files. i did the "safely remove hardware thing" but my computer was giving me trouble, so could have been the computer? all the files that i was copying successfully made it to the BB. i still heard the 'removing hardware' type noises after i'd removed it from the computer.
    so i had it check the file for system errors. i have checked both "automatically fix file system errors" as well as "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors". it finished that and found no errors. but still the same problem. in general, my BB seems to not connect so well with computers- sometimes i have to fiddle with the usb cord a bit so the computer recognizes it. this was the case before yesterdays problem too. but this is the first time i get the message about charging it when i'm not.
    next, i did the error checking that was suggested, and it seems to be the same test as i did before for file system errors. so still no luck.
    08-27-09 05:35 PM