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    I think I may have figured out my problem with the "phantom" files in my music player. It seems to be that the only mp3s that are doing this are the ones that are encoded by iTunes. Is there any way to make sure they aren't encoded by iTunes so I don't have this problem when I play them on my Pearl?

    I am using a PowerBook with OSX.3.9

    Well I did some research and the encoding problem is 100% for sure why those weird files were being created. I did find a program that works great to change the encoding. For all you Mac users it's the NMP3 Ripper!
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    Patty, glad you were able to figure this out. I'm sure you know this but there is a Mac users forum here to. Maybe copy this post over there I'm sure it will be of use to a lot of people.
    12-19-07 04:22 AM