1. sho95's Avatar
    I download opera and it work good. Then I starting to see issues like poor batt. life,low bars, freezing, Navigation did not work, then internet sucked. I would pull batt. out and will allow the internet to work for a day or so. My call sounded terrible and my friend could hear every other work when I talked. The final draw was my Navigator would not work. I call Verizon tech and they could not figure out what was going on until the tech asked me what was the last program I installed on my 8130. Told him it was opera and was told to remove it and restart BB solving my solved my issue. Any one else had issue with opera?
    12-06-07 12:39 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    No, but if you reinstall it now, is it the same issue? Also, I wonder if the APN has anything to do with it. Did you happen to enter an APN, in options / advanced options / tcp?
    12-06-07 01:56 AM