1. dissolvedforever's Avatar
    I have the verizon 8130 pearl and about a month ago I had to have my phone replaced. I had backed up my original phone and then loaded it onto the new one. So my old messages/e-mail logs are still there, and when I get new ones they show up, but after a few hours the newer ones disappear. It's a bit annoying as far as referring back to old text messages and e-mails and I'm not sure if there is a technical issue with the phone or I missed a certain option, but I think this is a bit weird. Also just for the purpose of txting, my phone is set to hold on to e-mails for 6 months. So some advice on this would be awesome.
    05-12-08 08:00 PM
  2. uncheels23's Avatar
    you are low on memory look at the link in my signature to free up some memory if you are under 10mb you will lose call logs and messages
    05-12-08 08:05 PM