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    Hi folks,

    just want to confirm this as I have heard different things about this.
    I did a search here and so far it said that The MEPPD menu has been disabled on the 9100.
    asking coz want to know if there are other ways to find out of BB is locked or not besides popping in a different sim card.


    I've unlocked a number of Pearl 3G 9100s, and from what I recall, it always asks for the "Service Provider" code from what I remember. Where I get my codes though, I get all MEP codes provided to me from MEP to MEP5, and I simply enter the one that the phone asks for when doing "ALT+MEPD" at the SIM menu. Regardless, it will tell you which code it's asking for by saying something to the affect of "Enter Service Provider code."

    The MEPPD menu has been disabled on the 9100, and past a certain OS version on the 9700 as well. So the fact that you can't get into it is normal.

    EDIT: I think I know exactly what your prob most likely is: the first time I tried getting an unlock code for the first Pearl 3G I unlocked, they didn't ask me for the MEP code, and then provided me with the wrong codes, however I could tell that they did so since like I mentioned earlier they provided me with the MEP code as well as all the MEP# ones. Ever since I've been providing the MEP code, I've been getting the correct unlock codes. I use the following instructions courtesy of BlackBerry Unlockers to get the MEP code each time I need an unlock code: Engineering Screen Codes
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    ive never heard of the MEPD menu being disabled past a certain OS.
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