1. leewhite336's Avatar
    Man I am so mad. I heard that the pearl had a menory leak problem that delets stuff off ur phone. But my phone just deleted my menory card videos. What's up with that. And when I redownload stuff it asks if I want to over write the file But the file isn't even on the card n e more or is it. And the stuff that didn't get taking off and I try to delete it it will take the video away and leave the title which I can't get tookin off n e more. O yea I was down loading from blue apple and now sometimes it tells me that the phone can't down load from the site. What's up
    07-12-08 10:42 AM
  2. tyroni's Avatar
    Yeah, don't not why the device would delete data off of your media card. It sounds like you need to format it and start from scatch.

    Have you optimized the memory on your device? How much free file memory does it have?

    Do you have your browser set to Internet Explorer? If not, you might try setting it to that, then try downloading from that site again.
    07-12-08 11:19 AM
  3. leewhite336's Avatar
    I have 10290445 Bytes free on the phone. Like 3.1gb on my card and its a 4gb. I don't think I have internet explorer. Have netscape, blackberry, openwave and some other stuff. How do I optimize the menory. And what about encoding do I need that set to something.
    07-12-08 11:57 AM
  4. tyroni's Avatar
    Read the links posted below and they explain how to optimize your memory.

    Stoner's Guide

    JC's Guide

    Set the Emanulation Mode to BlackBerry and make sure every checkbox in browser configuration is checked, and that Style Sheets Media Type is Handheld.
    07-12-08 12:24 PM
  5. leewhite336's Avatar
    Check this out. I just hooked the phone up to the computer and opened media manager and all the files are there just not on the phone.
    07-12-08 12:33 PM
  6. tyroni's Avatar
    Well that is good, at least you did not loose them. You might want to format your card still before you transfer them back to it.
    07-12-08 12:44 PM
  7. leewhite336's Avatar
    But it shows up saying its on the menory card. Its not saved to the computer
    07-12-08 12:49 PM
  8. tyroni's Avatar
    Oh, ok I mis-understood that. Are you able to play them on the device?
    07-12-08 01:24 PM
  9. Kathryn's Avatar
    In Media Manager c & p the files from your card to a file (or files) on the computer.

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    07-12-08 01:43 PM
  10. jenaywins's Avatar
    Try opening your videos, and press menu>explore. Your videos should show up if they are actually still on your card.
    07-12-08 01:45 PM