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    My free memory goes from 16MB down to 13MB within a couple of hours. Within that time, I browse the internet for 15 minutes and make a couple of phone calls. Even after I clear the browser cache it still reads 129463..….. I know about the memory leak issue with the Pearls, but I was also wondering if the WeatherBug app I have installed uses up more memory. I have 2 icons for that app on the home screen which are for the current temp and the forecast update. I have the update set to every 30 minutes. Does this app use up memory every time it retrieves info for the app? I assume it connects to the internet then downloads data to the phone?
    08-27-08 10:32 AM
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    Yes it does. Two things to try right off the bat

    1) Hold the ALT key and type LGLG, press menu and select
    clear log.

    2) Without turning off the phone remove the battery for
    15-30 seconds and put it back. Check and post your memory.

    Also consider installing SoftReset. It will keep you from having
    to physically pull your battery
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    08-27-08 12:12 PM
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    I should have mentioned that I already have SoftReset and works great. Well, I cleared the browser cache, ran memory cleaner and did the Alt LGLG to clear the event log. Then ran SoftReset. I'm now at 16164984. I also removed the forecast icon from WetherBug but left just one icon for the temperature. Also changed the update from every 30 minutes to every 2 hours. Let's see what happens during the next few hours as I browse a bit and make a few calls and run some apps.

    3rd party apps currently installed:
    Google Maps
    BeBold theme
    Kickstart Theme
    Weatherbug direct (just the temp icon)

    Games installed:
    Handmark Blackjack

    Launchers installed:
    Blueroom Solutions

    BB Maps
    BB MDS Runtime
    BB Messenger
    BB Sample video
    BB Sample music
    BB Sample wallpaper
    Everything under 'Device Memory/Samples' in Media/Explore....except rigntones.
    Google Talk
    Windows Live Messenger
    Yahoo Messenger
    T-Mobile carrier theme
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