1. lisa0906's Avatar
    Okay, I'm going nuts here. I have figured out most everything on my phone (8130) except how to change the alert tones on text messaging. I have looked through the threads, but am wondering:

    1. I would like to have a unique ringtone for both calls and text messages from my husband. I want this to be completely different than everyone else - Is this possible? (I really want to do this for all my contacts but will start with hubby for now!) I have his ringtone changed with no probs - can NOT get the text alerts figured out

    2. Does it make a difference if I have my mp3's on a media card?

    3. Can I set up an alert when I get a message from a certain email address.

    Thanks in advance

    03-17-08 02:00 PM
  2. DearFloyd's Avatar
    For starters, yes, you are crazy.

    1. There is no way to have a unique text alert for certain people, only for phone calls from certain people.

    2. No MP3s don't matter. They are the best files for ringers.

    3. Yes when you go to profiles, then advanced, you can edit the alerts for whatever email addresses you have set up on your device.

    Lastly, was joking about the crazy part
    03-17-08 02:08 PM
  3. lisa0906's Avatar
    Actually, I really am crazy - I am supposed to be working right now and I'm frantically searching the internet for these pressing questions

    Thanks for the response!!
    03-17-08 02:17 PM
  4. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Hope it helped. Keep on milking that clock!
    03-17-08 02:22 PM