1. jjbadd's Avatar
    I think I know the answer but I want to be sure. I used the max mem app to free up some memory on my BB pearl 8110 & I chose to delete the today style themes & also the L style themes. As you know I can't d/l those type themes & use them. My question is, am I going to have to use a PC to reinstall my OS if I want to use today & L themes or is there another way? The reason is, I don't have a PC at the moment. Just curious if I could install just the BB dimension themes by themselves by OTA or something? If so where would I find them?
    11-08-08 08:16 AM
  2. Ronin_81's Avatar
    I've been wondering that too, cuz I put an iberry theme on and I had removed the L theme and the theme took up memory but I couldn't use or see the theme. Maybe doing something with the OS installed on your comp would fix that? I wanna know this too lol
    11-08-08 02:05 PM
  3. berry me with it's Avatar
    Far as I know, you have to reload the files for each theme through DM.
    11-08-08 02:08 PM