1. BoomBoomBoom's Avatar
    I see there is a low battery flashihg LED (green) on my Pearl 8130, but I cannot find the settings for this. What I am really looking for is an audible alert. I have purchased the Blackberry alert program for missed calls and am very happy with it. Is there anything out there for low battery audible alert?
    03-25-08 09:27 PM
  2. Adlen's Avatar
    Once your BB hits low battery it should bleep. Then it will bleep again when battery is too low for radio use.

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    03-26-08 02:30 AM
  3. BoomBoomBoom's Avatar
    It would be nice to have a repeating audible alert, (every 3 minutes or so), for low battery in case you did not hear the single alert. It would be even better if I could program at what percentage the audible alert would start notifying me.
    03-28-08 10:10 AM
  4. wrwrx's Avatar
    every annoying caveat any device has had someone who requested that particular function. such as the low power alert. True that it's nice to b alerted when the power is low, but personally I CANT STAND the constant repetitive beep, even worse when its not my phone. I have on occasion, against any phone etiquette, (if there is ever such a thing) and have turned off someone else's phone because of the constant beep (and sometimes forgot to tell the person, so sue me im a *******). There have been phones in the past that have the low power alert and cant be turned off, super annoying, and on top of that, the alert would be audible even when the device was on silent or vibrate. now if developers had some kinda brain, they would allow the user to customize how these alerts work. But that would be to much work for them.

    On top of that. The low power alert ends up drawing more power since it has to dish out the alert every 3 mins!

    sorry, angry today.
    04-02-08 03:15 PM
  5. ChrisGrant's Avatar
    The one thing I miss about Nextel, the good old vibrating, "your battery is dying, so we'll use a vibrating memo every 5 mins to kill it faster" alert, lol, it was a pain, but I loved it

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    04-03-08 01:34 AM