1. unidentified2012's Avatar
    I am a new user but have been reading around the forums a lot.

    I have a good idea of how to update the phone software on my 9105, but am unsure about a couple of things...

    The latest phone software I can seem to locate is this:
    9100_9105Asia_PBr6.0.0_rel3104_PL6.6.0.248_A6.0.0. 723_SK_Telecom__.exe
    Official OS For The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 & 9105 From SK Telecom | BlackBerryRocks.com

    or is there any newer than this?

    Obviously this is Asian software, maybe it is not safe to use this?

    My handset is unlocked, the original carrier of the handset is 3 (UK).

    But from reading other posts it seems that other carriers software can be installed.

    I am curious if this is only other carriers software from the same country/locale?

    What is the latest UK/US software version available for the Pearl 9105 3G and can I install it safely on my UK handset?

    09-07-12 09:50 PM
  2. alex.hn's Avatar
    I don't think that RIM will be release new OS for BB Pearl 9100.
    09-19-12 03:33 AM
  3. Dark_Horse's Avatar
    I have a Pearl 3G too running the latest SK Telecom OS6 and it works just fine, you can install any OS from any location/country providing the new OS is the your specific model of Blackberry (in your case 9105).

    If you want the latest for your specific handset and operator, just upgrade it via the Blackberry Desktop Manager which will find, download and install the latest OS6 version from Three.
    10-17-12 06:19 AM
  4. jogold's Avatar
    when i try to update i get a message that only active bb service subscribers are entitled ... and there is no more bb service here.
    01-14-18 02:19 PM