1. Peanutzz's Avatar
    Hi all, hopefully I can find some help about my blackberry flip.

    It's odd and really hard to describe... At random occasions either side of my keyboard will just.. fail to respond. Sometimes it'll be the 1st row (vertical) keys [QW, AS, ZX, ALT), 4th row (vertical) keys [OP, L, DEL and ENTER], or the 4th row (horizontal) keys [ALT, SYM, SPACE, CAPS, ENTER].

    Within time, or if I tap the key enough it will eventually snap out of it and start working again. I've tried restarting my phone, removing the battery, etc. All the applications and programs run fine, phone has been well taken care of (except for the occasional scratch and such). It's just been driving me crazy!

    The phone is about 6 months old and it's been having this issue for as long as I've had it... I didn't pay much attention to it when it first started... it only did it once or twice and didn't last long. But now it's happening several, several times a day and it's taking longer to recuperate itself.

    Hopefully someone has some advice/suggestions for me? Thanks in advance!! :-)
    05-10-09 05:28 PM
  2. Kaylajoy21's Avatar
    It should be under warranty, so I would contact your carrier in that regard. It doesnt sound like memory issues or anything to that effect.
    05-10-09 10:16 PM