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    Hi there,

    I'm having major problems with my keyboard - when I press the menu button the letters "We" come up on the screen, and when I press the back button the "*" icon appears. Recently I have had JVM 102 error screens, but it was nothing a battery pull couldnt sort out.

    I took my Pearl apart earlier, and noticed some muck around the trackball area which I cleaned off with rubbing alcohol. I also tried to dry out my phone overnight but have had no luck. The water indicator on the back is clear, so I attempted to reinstall my OS, but the problem is still ocurring.

    Can anybody recommend a course of action, I really don't want to have to use a Sony Ericsson again.

    05-06-10 02:14 PM
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    I managed to fix this problem by nuking my device and reloading the software. Thanks to all those that helped.

    Oh wait...
    05-08-10 01:49 PM