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    Hello, i received my new blackberry 8120 today, i started off by reading through the instructions and phoned up orange and activated the phone, now its need activated i wanted to add my personal POP3 email to the phone so i can read the emails when away from my PC.

    i went to blackberry.orange.co.uk and added my email to that which was successful but after that i really dont know what to do, ive got two options when i go through the Quick setup on the phone one is skip and one requires a blackberry enterprise activation code which i dont have.

    Thanks in advance, any help would be great.
    05-20-08 09:22 AM
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    I am assuming when you registered at the Orange Blackberry site, you entered the IMEI (serial number of the blackberry) and the PIN?

    If everything was successful, you should have a message on your blackberry saying activation was successful, and you should start receiving messages in about 20 mins.

    Next you need to go into profiles, and set tones and vibrate or ring, for when messages come through.

    Hope that is of some help

    05-20-08 09:35 AM
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    Hello, yes i entered both of them things but didn't receive any messages.

    Does the phone need to be connected to the PC?

    It also says on there "if you havent already done so please register your device on the wireless network", what does it mean by this?
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    05-20-08 09:44 AM
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    The phone doesn't need to be connected to the PC.

    In the top right hand corner of the screen does it say GPRS, the capitals are very important. It may say EDGE

    The other thing to try is options>advanced options?host routing table
    Press the blackberry button (just to the left of the scroll ball) and select register now.

    That should get it connected to the network.

    Let us know how you get on
    05-20-08 09:48 AM
  5. CGSCOT's Avatar
    Maybe Orange takes longer to activate your BB as you should get a message.
    You could also try "send service books" if you have that option in the orange.co.uk site ?
    05-20-08 09:51 AM
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    Go back to the site and select send service books.

    It is possible that your service is not fully active yet as when it is you will receive a browser icon and a new email settings icon.

    Try going to options > advanced options > host routing table, hit menu key and select register now. You may have to wait for a bit before activation begins.

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    05-20-08 09:51 AM
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    Hello, thanks for all the great replys.

    Firstly at the top right corner it says "uma"

    i went into the host routing tables and it hasent got anything in there, i clicked register and it said registration sent.

    When i phoned them up they said i had to turn my phone off for 30mins, turn it on read the texts then turn phone off for 10 seconds, but i didnt recieve the texts, should i try phoning them again?

    05-20-08 10:06 AM
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    uma means you have wi fi turned on
    05-20-08 10:13 AM
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    From the main menu, chose manage connections, and turn WIFI off.

    What does it say in the top right now?

    May sound silly, but can you make and receive calls on the phone?
    05-20-08 10:16 AM
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    ok i turned off Wifi and now it says gprs in lower case

    yes i can make and recieve calls
    05-20-08 10:17 AM
  11. ferret1979's Avatar
    Lower case gprs means, it doesn't have a data connection to Blackberry.

    You will need to contact Orange, more than likely the technical department, and ask them to check your account is configured correctly for blackberry.

    Oh, one thing you could try, but probably wont make a difference, is to remove the battery whilst the phone is on, wait 20 secs, and plug in again.

    Let us know how you get on.
    05-20-08 10:19 AM
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    Hello, i just tried to remove the battery, didnt make a different

    I just remember when i orignally phoned orange up today i was going through the setup and the phone did vibrate but during the setup i had to change the time and date, when i view my messages it has todays date up the top, not sure how blackberry displays the messages but does it show only the messages you recieved on a certian day? if i changed the date after i recieved the messages will they be on another date, not sure if it makes sense but if anyone knows would be great

    05-20-08 10:27 AM
  13. ferret1979's Avatar

    I think you need to speak to the Blackberry data guys at Orange, re gprs in lower case.

    In terms of messages, at the very top will be todays date, under it all todays message, then another title line with yesterdays date (assuming you had messages yesterday), etc.
    05-20-08 10:30 AM
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    alright thats great, How do i get the blackberry data guys number?

    05-20-08 10:33 AM
  15. Hazysky's Avatar
    Just phone orange and ask them to put you through to their technical department.

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    05-20-08 10:37 AM
  16. ADberry's Avatar
    I dont know about Orange but I activated mine with Tmo and they said it'll take anywhere from 24-48h ...but then a few hrs later I rebooted my phone and my emails started pouring in! This is with BIS of course...for BES it might be different.

    So just enter your username/pw on the Orange website and set everything up there..then give it a couple hours and restart your phone. The CS reps dont tell u that and they just ask u to keep waiting till 48h are complete and then "call us if you still havent received your emails".
    05-20-08 11:03 AM
  17. mich325's Avatar
    Hi i have a bb8120 and would like to know why i can not download bb messenger to the device. i have tried twice and it says that it it not comparable with my os, help please
    05-20-08 01:58 PM
  18. ferret1979's Avatar

    How did you get on? Do you have it working?

    In regards to BB Messenger, it should be part of the Operating System.

    Have you had the Berry from Brand New?

    If you go to the main menu, and press the blackberry key (the one to the left of the trackball) and click on "show All" Is it there now?

    The only other thing I can think of, is to install the Operating system to your computer. There is a guide on the forum how to update your OS, and when you do that, you can customise what parts of the OS are installed. A bit like when you install Windows, just make sure you select BB Messenger.

    A word of warning, updating the OS, will erase all data, so make sure you backup first, and are confident that you can perform the upgrade.

    Let us know how you get on.

    05-21-08 04:57 AM
  19. MattCanning's Avatar
    I had problems setting up mine. It didnt come with any instructions how to register or anything, which is really lame to be honest!

    I too am with Orange. After posting on here for help I phoned up orange and managed to get everything sorted. It took a fair few hours for the text to say activation is complete etc etc.

    I am still annoyed that I cant get many applications via wifi. Seems a waste of time having the wifi really. Especially when my internet connection is like 4000 times faster than GPRS.
    05-22-08 01:08 PM