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    Hi guys. I have 2 children, 1 aged 13, the other 11. I have just purchase them both a 8120 and having owened the storm (9500) for the last year and just installed os absolutely love my BB and thought if I am going to get them a phone then BB it has to be. The phones arrive on monday, but was wondering if you guys could give me some pointers. Which OS is best? Apps? and whether you think getting my kids a BB is a good idea or not?

    Anyway, thanx guys.

    09-26-09 06:23 PM
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    Getting a BB for your kids is fine. For OS you have to play around. Everyone is diffrent.

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    09-26-09 08:00 PM
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    I don't know about that. My roommate works for VZ CS/Tech support and she says that she gets so many calls from people that have purchased BB's for they children and they don't know how to operate them correctly and usually the parent isn't too far behind the kid which would not be the case for you but for a child; the BB usually is just overkill because at that age they wouldn't have any reason to use most of the functions that the Blackberry can perform and the kids tend to get frustrated after a while with it. I know today's kids are a lot more techie they we were but I would probably look at a good multimedia phone instead. EV3, EV Touch etc. Also since under most cases you have to have a data package on the phone; you'll got to ask, how much is my child really going to do with this phone at their age especially to justify the cost of a data package? If money is no object; hey go for it but I don't think it'll be a wise choice. My daughter who's now 12 plays with my BB from time to time but everything she likes to do on it can be done with a reg. MMedia phone. Her Mother last year got her a free phone from Sprint and it was some type of Palm smart phone and after a few days, it ended up back at the Sprint store. It was a little to much for her and she hated it. I would not have gotten her a smart phone in the first place but that's her silly a$$ mother! Blackberries are pretty easy to learn though but I don't think it's a phone for a kid Good luck!!!
    10-03-09 04:50 AM
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    The Pearl is the best starter Berry. I would have gone w/the Flip for the kids, but the original Pearl is just fine. You can't do too much on a Pearl, but enough to keep older kids happy, especially when you can get Media Synch to work w/iTunes. Instant iPod Berry!

    As far as best OS, what ever your providers latest version should be fine.

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    10-03-09 03:42 PM
  5. Coruptyed's Avatar
    really good os was .131 some people may not agree but that was the one with the least amount of problems. I would also say pacman the game is a must
    10-03-09 06:45 PM