1. amandamae02's Avatar
    When I try to activate this phone with Bell Mobility (who I got the phone from in the first place..), it comes back with "invalid serial number". I'm 100% positive I'm putting the right serial number in. I even went to the Bell Mobility, and Telus Mobility websites and used their checkers to see if this phone can be used on their network, and I got the same message.

    I've had this phone for about 4 years now, and haven't used it for 3. I now want to activate. Is it possible the serial number was deactivated or something?

    I can't find any info on this issue.. hopefully someone can help.
    05-11-11 01:41 AM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Are you sure that you are using the correct number itself? Are you using the Hex ESN and not one of the other numbers?

    Was the device ever reported lost or stolen? Was the account ever suspended?

    Have you tried calling them and having them activate it?
    05-11-11 05:57 AM