1. TheScorp86's Avatar
    Ok here's the deal...I absolutely LOVE flip phones...Been on at&t and contract is coming close to ending...If I got the flip on tmobile (verizon sucks in my area) would the internet be fast if I went on mobile internet sites? Like myspace and facebook but the mobile versions or is it still going to be slow on the flip? Thanks in advance!
    08-23-09 07:54 PM
  2. 8220's Avatar
    What I would do is go to Walmart get the phone for free try it out and if you like it your good to go if not take it back. The flip for web browsing using Opera/Bolt is fast over WiFi the BB browser is slow. I don't facebook or myspace so I couldn't answer how the flip would perform on those sites. Picture an 8100 processor with 128 mb of memory not the fastest by no means but the flip performs well due to the better allocated memory.

    Using my phone for close to a month with TMo and so far have no issues to report. Everything is working as it should with OS .278. And switching to UMA when I'm @ home saves a ton on battery life. This phone seems to be hit or miss with a lot of people you either get a good one or you go through three bad ones. I only replaced my phone at Costco due to me scratching the screen but never got a bad one they all worked out of the box.
    08-23-09 08:27 PM
  3. TheScorp86's Avatar
    Great thanks so much!
    08-24-09 11:30 PM