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    Hey guys

    So my pearl 8130 just started turning the radio off randomly and it will only go back on when i turn connections back on and then it will only stay on for a few minutes. I called bell mobility and they said its a problem with the internal antenna probably and that i need a new phones. So my question is does this sound correct? also if i have another pearl can i switch over the internal antenna or something like that?

    Thanks so much
    06-17-10 10:20 PM
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    or is it possible to transfer all the internals from one phone into the other or are they all connected to the antenna? i just dont want to go into bell and pay the 20 dollar transfer fee if their is something i can do myself through a diy

    EDIT: just did a diy on taking the pearl apart now i have the circuit board separated from the pearl if i transfer circuit boards do you think it will work or is the antenna somewhere on that circuit board
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    06-17-10 10:34 PM