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    I've been having problems with intermittent data service on my Pearl. This has been going on about three days - both before and after the most recent widespread BlackBerry brain fart.

    I'm receiving full data service (indicated by 1XEV in the upper right-hand corner of my screen) for only a few seconds every five or ten minutes. When I get it, everything floods in, e-mails, Facebook notifications, Twitter notifications, the works. But most of the time, I see "1X" in the corner there, and can't access e-mail, browser or anything else that requires data service - all I can do is send and receive SMS text messages. I can, at all times, place and receive voice calls.

    I've tried resetting my network settings, and, of course, the trusty ol' battery pull. Nothing works. I've tried running diagnostics, to no avail.

    I should note that my community was hit last Friday by a massive and sudden snowstorm, which knocked out power to about 25,000 people in my county alone. I thought the tower serving me may somehow have been damaged, and thought this was confirmed when a friend, who also has a Pearl, confirmed the same problems. However, her problems have now subsided, while mine remain.

    I'm a "legacy" Alltel user, which means I'm one of the properties Alltel divested to AT&T. The changeover has not yet occurred. Alltel tech support has been little to no help, although they've been quite friendly. Right now all I have is a ticket number for a data service maintenance request, which they say they'll get to in 7-10 days.

    Anyone have any suggestions?
    12-24-09 12:18 PM