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    My apologies if this has been discussed before.

    I started using .278 a while back when it was still a beta. After a few weeks of it being great (anything is better than .180), I started having issues with the outside screen not showing anything when there was a call (besides the regular standby). I couldn't deal with blindly answering calls and didn't think I should have to disable flip-to-answer, so I tried .267. That worked pretty well, but then when .278 was no longer being called a beta (and there was a difference in the file name and size), I tried it again. Right away, I noticed problems. I use the auto on/off feature and sometimes rely on my influx of AM email to wake me up. Well when the device turns on, it says Initialization Failed instead of 'AT&T,' and a red SOS instead of my signal meter.

    I wiped my device, and went back to .267 today, and it's still doing it.


    I am obviously using an unlocked T-Mo on AT&T, so I don't believe their wonderful 1 year warranty applies to me... so any suggestions?

    I'll try anything at this point because this really stinks!


    EDIT:: I'm so lazy I couldn't use the search button. I'm gonna try shoving something in the sim card area. Now I'm mad that I switched back from .278! We'll see how this goes...
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    I hate to say this but once an update is done that's it till they come out with a new update one thing I have learned is never do an update first thing when it is released unless it is vital they rarely work. I would however call your provider and complain about the update and call rim and complain the more they get the sooner they will get a fix for a bad update.
    07-26-09 12:59 AM
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    ^ Yeah that won't work. It's not a "bad" update, as most of us are running .267/.278 no problem. Reinstalling the os should help, put it might be possible that you need to wipe the device.

    The chances of us running into too many more 4.6 updates are slim, as all work has begun on 5.0.

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    07-26-09 07:05 AM
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    The paper in with the sim card is working so far.
    07-26-09 11:11 AM