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    well, the "whatever the name is for the thingy were the battery usb is connected into my phone, i refer to it as usb battery piece" fell off. yeah, a few months ago i connected the usb charger into my phone and i noticed it was lose, and needed pressure for it to actually charge. a few days after that when i removed the charger usb half of the "usb battery piece" came off. i contacted someone who fixes blackberrys. he ordered a new "usb battery piece" to replace the old one, this was in august it's almost october! the only way i can keep my phone is charging my battery on a "usb battery piece" working pearl 3g. i'm getting very annoyed by this so i was wondering if:
    1. Is there any blackberry device that charges a battery ONLY, no need for usb
    2. Somewhere where i could buy this "usb charging piece"?
    i just found out it's called usb charging port and it looks like this:
    Google Images
    09-27-11 11:18 PM
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    BUT PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW IF THIS Amazon.com: RIM ASY-12738-001 Mini Extra Battery Charger - Charger - Retail Packaging - Black: IBD Electronics
    I will buy it anyways since it's very cheap but i can't wait two weeks to find out please answer me
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    10-18-11 05:58 PM
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    and also will this work as a replacement piece? the place where i sent it to be fixed, promised me this missing piece like 2 month ago, i can't wait any longer, i found this Amazon.com: Charge Port Micro USB Blackberry 8220 Pearl Flip /8230/8520 Gemini/ 8530/ 9100/ Pearl 3G 9105/ 9300/ Curve 3G 9330/ 9700/ 9780: Cell Phones & Accessories but the owner of that place said it was a very specific piece for blackberry 9105 and as you see in this link, it lists several blackberry models as well
    10-18-11 06:06 PM
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    clearly no one who reads this part of the forum knows the answer. typing big letters won't get an answer any quicker.

    for my two pennies worth, mine went in with this problem just recently and they had to replace the unit under warrenty. not repairable/uneconomic to repair/whatever.
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    10-19-11 08:53 AM