1. anooshka's Avatar
    I'm trying to decide on the Pearl vs. full keyboard type BB...sorry not sure what each type is called. I currently have a regular cell phone but hardly ever txt mssg because i find it takes too long to type my mssg. Just wondering about ease of adapting to the keyboard on the pearl...thanks.
    08-29-07 11:28 PM
  2. Pelvir's Avatar
    Hey there anooshka. I had a BlackBerry 7250 (with full QWERTY kb) for about 2 years and was super fast typing on it. I recently upgraded to the Pearl with the smaller (SureType) kb and worried about how different typing would be. I have had it for about a month and a half and am almost as fast as I was on the full kb. The only issue is as the "SureType" function works as I type sometimes it will auto select the wrong word and my sentence looks funny. I have just gotten used to quickly browsing what I typed before I send and more importantly making sure I am watching what I am typing.

    Good luck and try not to get to addicted!
    08-29-07 11:56 PM
  3. techniner's Avatar
    I almost returned mine because the keyboard but then my wife calmed me down and said use it for a day or two before returning it.

    Now I can type BETTER then I did on full kb... go figure???
    08-30-07 07:06 AM
  4. Mouseworks's Avatar
    It depends on how much typing you do or can do on a keyboard. Then if you can navigate the QWERTY layout with thumbs versus all 10 fingers. Other than that, it's just miniature and that of course takes some getting used to if you're not used to texting.

    As for me, I learned very quickly (I use SureType on the Pearl) because I type on a standard laptop keyboard all day so know QWERTY very well, plus I've been texting since at least 2001 on Nokias and Motorolas so I was also used to the tap once, tap twice, tap three times kind of typing. Now I can type at what I consider full speed on the Pearl and don't have a need for actual QWERTY at all. Good luck, I'm sure you'll be comfortable with either choice.
    08-30-07 08:44 AM
  5. thirrouard's Avatar
    Hmmm, make me wanna give a try... but damn, perl are expensive ^_^
    08-30-07 09:17 AM
  6. Pelvir's Avatar
    They are always doing deals. Mine was only 50 bucks after mail in rebate.

    Wait for the Pearl 2 though, its gonna be awesome!!

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    08-30-07 09:42 AM
  7. socoduce's Avatar
    Mine was a refurb for $60 and then I had a $25 rebate. You just have to watch for the deals.

    As for typing... my only proublem is that i use the tip of my fingers and not the ball of my fingers. This sometimes causes me to hit the wrong key as my fingers are too big. Like Pelvir said, you just have to preview a little before you hit send.
    08-30-07 10:39 AM
  8. ualman's Avatar
    If I were you I would definitely go with a full qwerty keyboard. Once you try that you'll never go back to the 2/3 letters per key.
    Try both in a shop if you have the opportunity, but I can pretty much guarantee you, once you try the full keyboard you'll never go without one.
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    08-30-07 10:48 AM
  9. DubyaEl's Avatar
    I have both an 8800 (full QWERTY) and a Pearl (SureType and Multi-Tap).

    At first, I wasn't sure if I'd like typing on the Pearl, and I will admit that it does take some getting used to if you've not text'ed before (or infrequently) on a plain old cell phone... However, I am finding that SureType is pretty predictive (IF you don't mis-type something). Like Pelvir said... just preview before sending.
    08-30-07 12:40 PM
  10. Giavanna's Avatar
    Full qwerty keyboard is the way to go. I currenty have the full qwerty but I used the suretype for a day or so and disliked it immensely. Once you have the full qwerty and play with it for an hour or so, you will fall in love with your bb. No question about it.
    08-30-07 02:13 PM