1. trevoreon#CB's Avatar
    This is my first black berry and I'm new to this site.
    I downloaded and installed several themes on my pearl.
    They show up under advanced options, downloaded apps.
    But not in the themes menu.
    How do I use them?
    07-31-09 07:20 PM
  2. NurseBerryAddict's Avatar
    Make sure they were specifically for the 8130 pearl. Otherwise they won't work. If they were for your pearl, try a battery pull.

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    07-31-09 09:17 PM
  3. amh4501's Avatar
    Hi I too am a newbie having problems with my new pearl 8130 listing loaded themes under the "theme menu". I have tried the battery pull didn't work for me I was just wondering if this fixed things for you or if you had to try something else. Thanks a lot I'm gonna do some more searching and if I don't find anything I'll post my own thread. Thanks again
    11-23-09 05:18 PM