1. misbehaven's Avatar
    saved pictures to device and I can view them but I cannot figure out how to put them onto my computer...When I connect USB it says it found new hardware but thats as far as I get
    05-13-08 06:43 PM
  2. bumblepie's Avatar
    -use media manager icon in desktop manager when u have it connected via usb
    -put memory card in computer on its own and explore it
    -attach pictures in an email, send to urself and view on the computer.
    05-13-08 07:16 PM
  3. flairbrtndr3's Avatar
    or go to options>media card>mass storage mode support... make sure its on and make sure auto enable mass storage mode is on and then just plug the phone into the usb cable and computer a promt will pop up and click on open folder to view files and they will be in there
    05-13-08 07:33 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    The first two steps in the thread below will walk you through installing Desktop Manager on your computer. Doing that will install the drivers that Windows is looking for and stop the 'found new hardware' message.


    Then you can use Mass Storage Mode to drag and drop files from the blackberry to the PC. That's simpler and easier than using Media Manager.

    You will also want to do the rest of the steps in the procedure to free up memory, but the first two steps will answer the question you posed.
    05-13-08 07:39 PM