1. Farooq's Avatar
    Hi all, I'm a new user of Blackberry Pearl (and new to community forums like this), I live in the UK and connected to the O2 network. I want to download the exclusive 'Vodafone Today' theme from a different carrier (vodafone) because it is the only theme I have seen which "summarises all incoming communications at a glance" and suits my needs best. Being a novice user of the Blackberry I've surfed the net trying to find some clear step by step instructions but struggled everything is written for tekkies and unfortunately, I'm not a tekkie.

    I'm also concerned downloading this theme or an 'OS upgrade' might upset my handset - I'm also unclear about what would happen to all my personal information, over 800 contacts and 60+ entries in the Password Keeper section, do I risk losing this by downloading from a different carrier? (do my Password Keeper entires get backed up if I used the backup facility?)

    I'd be ultra grateful for any 'step by step' advice for a dummy which will help me get the Vodafone Today theme and protect all my personal information inside and outside the password keeper at the same time......

    THANK YOU in advance to all respondents.
    08-25-07 02:51 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Searching will really help. Nonetheless, check here!
    08-25-07 02:57 PM