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    First off, I'm a new crackberry addict and I love the pearl 2!! It's the best phone I've ever owned and I hope to stay with bb 4ever!!

    One problem I have is that my battery runs out almost 1/2 way through the day because I use it so much.

    I'm looking for an extended battery and was wondering if anyone could let me know of ones they would recommend.

    Also, for those of you who use bb pearl a LOT. Do u carry a spare with you? I'm planning on taking the train into nyc and using it on the train. The commute is over 2 hours and I'd like to use my pearl, but don't know if its possible even with 2 batteries.

    thanks in advance, Rob
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    There is an extended battery available here on shop.crackberry.com by Seido. It is a superb investment for someone using their BB heavily. I Use mine for business from 7a-7p and then for personal stuff until really late (sometimes 2am). I found that I had to plug in around 9pm every night to start charging. With the extended battery I only have to charge every other night. And not until I'm ready to! Last night I didn't charge and am still running on about 30% juice...

    I have found that the more I use the extended battery the longer the battery seems to last. I had heard that from a few other people but wasn't sure it was true... I assure you that it is!

    You should also know that this battery does NOT make your Pearl bigger or heavier (it does but only by a few grams). The battery fits using the current battery door.

    For more opinions do a forum search on Pearl Extended battery - there have been a number of discussions...
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