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    [COLOR="Green"]Alright, I know there is a thread somewhere on this subject, and I know I replied in it once already I have no idea where it is now.

    This is how you change your signature for your Pearl if you have Tmobile...
    (copy and pasted from the Tmo site)
    How do I change my signature?

    To change your signature, perform the following steps:

    NOTE: You can view your signature from your BlackBerry handheld, but you can only edit it from a PC.

    1. On a PC, go to the T-Mobile home page.

    2. From the My T-Mobile section, within the Mobile number and Password text boxes, enter your mobile number and password. Click LOG IN.

    3. From the BlackBerry Internet E-mail section, make the desired changes to your signature.

    I am sorry for making this a multiple post.[COLOR]
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