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    I have an 8130 that is almost 2 years old and Sprint is my service provider.

    This weekend for some reason my phone has done 2 wierd things and I am not sure if they are related or not, but I want to get it fixed.

    1. The hour glass keeps popping up on my screen like the phone's operating system is trying to process something. The hour glass in now popping up every 3 seconds. This will continue to happen and the interval will get faster. This morning when I got up to check my phone it was like the hour glass was up running continously. I pulled the battery out of the phone for a couple of minutes and it started again. I would appreciate any help on what might be the problem.

    I am running the original operating system that came with the phone, not sure what upgrades are out there that I need or if there is something running on the phone I need to shut off.

    2. The other thing that happened this weekend is that my phone no longer connects to my e-mail. I am not sure if this is related to what is happenning with the hour glass. I think to fix it I need to contact Sprint or can I fix this on my own?

    Anyway I figured I would be better of starting with you all then bothering with Sprint.

    Thanks for your help!

    11-09-09 09:30 AM
  2. lovli_lady24's Avatar
    As far as the hour glass, try updating ur os.u can do this thru dm by plugin ur phone into ur cpu and checkin for updates.also make sure u are properlly exitin out of ur applications.also check 2 see how much free space ur mem has

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    11-10-09 12:22 PM
  3. Nick917's Avatar
    Do you have Facebook installed or any other Apps that are set to automatically send you email notifications? I had the exact same issue with the hour glass. I noticed that I wasn't getting any Facebook email notifications while I had the hour glass issue so I removed Facebook then reinstalled it. Problem went any and I immediately starting receiving facebook and regular emails again. Hope this helps.

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    11-11-09 06:29 AM