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    i changed the prl on my wifes perl using qpst. i have done this a few times in the past and i used to have a backup of that particular phone but is gone with the last re-load i did of the desktop pc as i forgot to back that up so i lost all my backups of our phones. anyway ill save the whole story of why i had to put the good prl back on her phone again and get to the problem.

    i have done this 5 maybe 6 times in the past with differnet phones that we have had, and when i change the prl i have to go into ##000000 and correct the sip and mip user id's. i have double checked that all should be correct on her phone but her hotmail quit working after the prl change. mobile web is fine, just no hotmail. so im wondering what setting i have changed by updating the prl and where to find it. any suggestions of what to look for under what menu's? again it was working fine on the phone untill i changed the prl, and i have had to put that prl on the phone before so im just missing something i guess.
    01-07-11 03:12 PM
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    Sorry I really don't understand about sip or mip user ids.

    Did you try reloading the OS from Alltel? I try to look for the OS for the Flip for Alltel but I only see the BB Style 9670 and Curve 8530. Are you sure its a supported phone by Alltel?

    I also understand Alltel has been aquired mostly by Verizon so did you Try to switch to that.

    Sorry I cannot be of Help.
    01-18-11 04:17 PM